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Caroline Guntur (left) is a Digital Organizing Strategist, specializing in photos and family history! She is the CEO of The Swedish Organizer, LLC. Oh yeah, and she runs this academy.

Amy Humphrey Hayes (right) is a Digital Organizing Specialist and the Assistant Coach at The Swedish Organizer, LLC. She loves music and cats!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Coach would I be working with?
It depends on your needs. You will be matched with the Coach on our team that is best suited to help based on a number of different factors, for example 1) availability, 2) languages spoken, 3) your preferred technology systems and platforms (Mac vs. Pc, etc), 4) coaching goals, and 5) skillset needed to help you achieve those goals as quickly as possible.
How do I schedule my first appointment?
Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your first appointment.
Can I request a specific Coach?
Yes, but there may be a waiting period to start based on availability.
How many sessions do I get?
As a Private Coaching client in this program, you will get access to four 1-hour calls per month for a total of 4 hours of coaching. This is generally more than enough for most clients, but if you'd like more hours, you are welcome to purchase an additional package or upgrade. You can choose how you would like to approach these hours, for example if you'd like to schedule four 1-hour session, two 2-hours sessions, or one 4-hour session per month. We generally recommend the weekly approach for best momentum, but your Coach will work with you to come up with a suitable schedule that works for everyone.
I have some questions before I enroll. Can I jump on a call with someone who can explain how this works?
Of course! You are welcome to book a Discovery call with us for all the details! Email [email protected]

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