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"I know what a good teacher is because I have been supervising and evaluating teachers for 22 years. Effective teachers have a real understanding of who their students are, have clear goals for their developments as learners, and know how to help their students meet their goals. Caroline does all of that beautifully. Many people have a great understanding of technology, but few can teach what they know to others. Caroline has led me to become an active and effective participant in the twenty-first century. It has been transformative.

- Ann Cronin, RealLearningCT.com

Two years ago, I signed up with an online genealogy service to explore several branches of my family tree. Pretty soon, I had hundreds of pages of printouts, lists, and narratives that were impossible to verify because of conflicting dates, names, and even places of residence. I tried making lists, then spreadsheets, of what appeared to make sense. New roadblocks popped up at every turn. Finally, I concluded that my two-year quest had become nothing more than a frustrating guessing game that resulted in a blizzard of useless paper that is impossible to organize.

I had read that the best genealogy research tool was a Research Log, but I had no understanding of its value, let alone how to create a proper one. Fortunately, Caroline’s new Research LOG[IC] online course clarifies both issues and does so definitively. What’s more, she shows how to create a successful log through a remarkably efficient online platform. Best of all, she has built a template that you can quickly adapt to your specific research purpose. That benefit alone is more than half the battle: All that paper goes away, and what she directs you to put in the log is information you can trust through a process of organizational consistency. Through her system, you will never lose time by doing the same work over and over again, and when you have time to devote to research, you’ll know exactly where you left off and what you should do next. That’s the very definition of focus.

Thank you, Caroline!

- Ann K. Monteith, Past President, Professional Photographers of America